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Tascam DA...Tascam DA...


Studio Monitors 
Signal Processors 
Instruments + MIDI 


SONY DMX R100 (Baby Oxford)-48 in/out full automation mixing console with MADI
Coda audio - studio monitor systemCoda audio - studio monitor system DMBK R109 optional card.
Computer IBM Quad 2,6 Ghz/4GB RAM
Studio analog master tape recorder
RME HDSP MADI 64 in/out card
Mackie HDR 24/96 professional multitrack recorder
Tascam DA-30MK2 professional DAT recorder
Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro Analog Mixer
More than 1500 GB HD RAM Backup
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Studio Monitors
Digitech...Digitech... Genelec 10/30
Yamaha S10N
JBL Control One
Coda Audio Studio Monitor System
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Signal Processors
AVALON Vt737 Tube Channel Stripe
TC Electronic DB Max Mastering Processor
TC Helicon Voice Prism Plus
MicrophonesMicrophones TC Electronic M One XL
Lexicon PCM 91
Digi Tech Studio Quad
Digi Tech 2112
DBX Pro Vocal Channel Stripe
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Neumann U87AJ, KM 140
AKG C451E,C414B stx,D12,D330BT,D220
Octava MC012
Stagg MCO-7W
Shure SM58,SM57
Studioproject C3
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Instruments + MIDI
August Forster acustic piano
Gibson Les Paul custom 1977
Fender Stratocaster 1984
Ovation Custom Balladeer ac.guitar 1984
Fender Precision Bass 1979
Conn acustic guitar 1968
Emulator 4K 128 voice 128mb RAM sampler
Roland Drums to Midi convertor
Roland Guitar to Midi convertor
Gallien Krugger guitar amp
22/14/12/13/16 acustic drums+midi tr
Weltmeister S4 acordeon
More than 700 GB library of sounds for classical, pop, rock and film music
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Marantz/Onkyo/Technics/Aiwa/Sony - CD player, cassette decs
Sony - direct drive turntable
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Guitar...Guitar... August Förster - acoustic pianoAugust Förster - acoustic piano 22/14/12/13/16 acoustic drums22/14/12/13/16 acoustic drums